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All the guides are of course an enlargement and a slight exaggeration of what is in reality. So it is easier to decide if something is known about these places from people who have been there. But please be beware that because these are also personal experiences that are colored by the encounters there.

Egypte Mei 2013 and in 2015

Sharm el-Sheikh (Arabic: شرم الشيخ) is a seaside resort on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba. The name means “Bay of the Sheik”. Sharm is a diving paradise for European divers. Where in the world can you be so good diving and you have at your disposal the best hotels in Egypt. Great service and very good food. Egypt is if you choose a right hotel paradise. The Egyptians are genuinely interested in you and are often very highly educated and speak several languages. Until 1967 Sharm-el-Sheikh was just a small fishing village. During the Israeli occupation, the first commercial activities developed aimed at tourism. There were several hotels and diving schools. The Egyptian government decided to boost tourism in Sharm-el-Sheikh in 1982 and continue to develop. Foreign investors played a major role in this. And as the city grew into the tourist center what it is today.

Greece 2012

At various places dived in Greece but are almost always light diving without fish. The country is beautiful and the people are very nice especially if you speak the language a bit. And the food is just delicious. A perfect holiday destination. But not a diving destination

Florida 2004

We did a round trip through Florida and we liked it very much . The towns and villages the cosmopolitan Miami Beach and of course the Everglades National Park . And we did two dives in the John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo. For us not a diving destination but we liked the remote beaches, the small towns. We had a great trip.

Mexico 2001

Cozumel what a beautiful island with friendly people, good diving schools, excellent hotels and a truly perfect reef. Beautiful diving, drift diving but the diving schools do this really perfect. An absolute must for any diver.

Cyprus 2002

We made a trip to Cyprus . We went to Larnaca and we made only one dive on the wreck Zenobia . Nice hotels and very good food but found the diving not good. So absolute no diving destination.

Maladiven 1999

We have been twice in the Maldives. Laguna Beach is good four star hotel with good food the first time. Diving on the island was really very well organized. Have nice dives here. We went Villamendo island, the second time I found the hotel not so good and the food was not so good. Service in those countries which still is almost always at a good level but on this islandit was not so good. Now diving, this was after the extreme heat of the water, which was due to EL Nino. So it was not as good as the before, the coral was up to ten meters below sea level, totally dead. Nevertheless, the diving was very good, big fish, sharks, rays perfectly. Only the dive was very bad, my dive partner who is also my wife has y to save a Italian on her hundredth dive because it was on this very serious dive with very heavy currents underwater and he just had his open water certification achieved . My wife tried to calm him 28 meters under water but had to stick to the reef so was covered with coral bites. This was truly awful dive . Of course we complained and got some dives for free but I will never dive with this base.